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A unifying network of Caribbean Muslim Organisations and individuals that foster thriving communities.


CMN offers full and partial scholarships to qualifying students to study at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicester, UK and at the International Islamic University, Malaysia

CMN in collaboration with the International Islamic Institute of Islamic Thought also offers short courses in Islamic Studies in Virginia, USA at IIIT’s  Winter & Summer Student Programs.



Please browse through the catalogue we have and feel free to share as well as contribute. If you have a book, article, audio or video and would like it added to our library to share with others, please contact us.


Our programs both online and face to face promote empowerment and social change especially amongst the youth. We engage regional and international specialists to address issues relevant to today’s world.


We collaborate with regional and international organisations to provide training in key areas – Leadership, Social Media, Journalism, Radio and Television, Life skills, Youth Empowerment, Mentorship.

Muslim Youth Circle

A safe online environment for young people to learn and practice their faith through Quranic reminders, stories, quizzes and cultural performances.


We sponsor Islamic books for primary and secondary schools. We also offer teacher and student workshops .

CMN is offering the following books to schools in the Caribbean from publishers Kube Publishing and

1. Islamic Studies Series Level 1 to 13

2. Life of Muhammad (Makkah and Madinan volumes)

3. Juz Amma (Arabic with transliteration and translation, word to word meaning, key lessons, student exercises)


CMN establises public libraries in the Caribbean. We distribute a wide assortment of books on Islamic culture and history. 

In 2020, CMN has focused on developing public libraries in Trinidad, Jamaica, Surinam and Guyana and smaller libraries in the other Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Affairs

The website provides excusive news of the culture, history and current events in the Caribbean.

The objectives of the dedicated website are:

  1. to be a repository of information on presence of Muslims in the Caribbean.
  2. to highlight those who have made contributions to society (either via service to community or nation).
  3. to provide authentic information to explain our faith as it is practiced in the region.
  4. to provide current news of/for Muslims in the region.


Tune in to our weekly radio program and podcast ‘A Diaspora of One’ which explores issues relevant to the people of the Caribbean and its diaspora.

Transformational Youth Development Program

The Transformational Youth Developm Program (TYLP) is an intensive, interactive and engaging residential and online program in Islamic studies and leadership skill development.

Face to Face learning comprises of periodic residential programs while online  learning comprises of self-paced study, live webinars. A key component of the program is a social and educational project that participants undertake.

The program is conducted by regional and international specialists in the fields of Islamic Studies, leadership and Management.

KNOWLEDGE: Understanding of key concepts of Islamic sciences & application to contemporary issues.
SKILLS: Personal development, ability to access primary Islamic sources, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, motivation, decision making, emotional intelligence, social media intelligence.
IDENTITY: Develop and gain confidence in identity as Caribbean Muslims.
CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Awareness of responsibilities to the wider society, and how to relate own personal development to effect change.

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