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CMN Events

October 20, 2020

No Events were found.

October 24, 20208:00 pm UTC-5

Caribbean Youth Circle

October 25, 20201:00 pm UTC-5

How to Setup a Business from Home

A 6-week business workshop aims to help people set up businesses with minimal costs. Showing you from start to finish everything you need to do in a simple way. There ...

October 31, 20208:00 pm UTC-5

Caribbean Youth Circle

November 1, 20207:00 pm UTC-5

Vision of Dawah for the Caribbean

Iman Zia Khan is an internationally renowned Iman and Islamic Scholar. He is the founder and Director, Centre for Islamic Development (CID) and Al Falah Academy in Halifax, Canada. His ...

November 7, 20201:30 pm / 3:00 pm UTC-5

The Black Muslim Experience

With the convergence of the COVID19 Pandemic, the looming world economic recession, the frightening environmental crisis and the rise of extreme racist bigotry, the year 2020 has been ...

November 7, 20208:00 pm UTC-5

Caribbean Youth Circle

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What We Do


Equipping schools and libraries throughout the Caribbean with books on Islamic culture and history.


Offering full scholarships and bursuries to students to pursue tertiary education at international educational institutions.

Humanitarian Relief

Coordinating the provision of humanitarian services for those affected by natural disasters.


Our programs both online and face to face promote empowerment and social change especially amongst the youth. We engage regional and international specialists to address issues relevant to today's world.


We collaborate with regional and international organisations to provide training in key areas - Leadership, Social Media, Journalism, Radio and Television, Life skills, Youth Empowerment, Mentorship.


Tune in to our weekly radio program and podcast 'A Diaspora of One' which explores issues relevant to the people of the Caribbean and its diaspora.

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